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Teodor Cristian Matei

Hello, I’m Teodor Cristian Matei , a designer holding a  BA Hons ✺ in  Graphic and Digital Design from the University of Greenwich.

  • With its innovative design and endless possibilities, Blox. lets you unleash your creativity through the use of geometric shapes. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, this game offers an engaging and challenging experience for players of all ages. You can experiment with different shapes and colours to create beautiful and intricate designs, tapping into the simplicity of geometric shapes to express yourself in new and exciting ways.


    As the famous graphic designer Paul Rand once said, "Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated." With Blox, you'll discover the joy of using simple elements to create complex and beautiful designs.

    "Everyone is an artist. The
    potential for creativity resides within each of us, waiting to be discovered."
    – László Moholy-Nagy

    Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's
    "Vision in Motion" has
    greatly inspired my project,
    providing profound insights
    into the human creative
    spirit. It reinforces the belief
    that everyone possesses a
    natural inclination towards
    creativity and imagination.
    This universal truth has
    been ingrained in human
    DNA, enabling us to receive sensory experiences, think critically, and express ourselves.

    I believe creativity itself is
    a language that allows us
    to express ourselves as
    effectively as written or
    spoken words.

    It is important to understand
    the commonalities of this
    language, transcending
    cultural backgrounds.
    Johana Drucker's
    "Graphesis: The Visual
    Form of Knowledge
    Production" explains that
    visual knowledge is codified

    when graphic forms, such as triangles, squares, circles, and arcs, are described in drawings and texts. Visual systems are not just tools for designers; they are inherent in our human nature, helping us make sense of the world.
    Drawing inspiration from artists like Wassily Kandinsky, who created
    visual systems to convey
    emotions through colours
    and shapes, I explored the

    potential of design systems
    and symbolism in my project.

    Incorporating the concept
    of play, I researched similar
    projects that served as
    valuable sources to ground
    my own exploration of
    creating a visual language that effectively communicates and
    evokes emotions.

    By analysing and
    deconstructing letters,
    I discovered abstract shapes with distinct features reminiscent of the original letters. These shapes became the foundation for a game
    I created. I arranged selected letters from the alphabet (a, b, e, g, k, n, p, r, s, and x) in a 6x6 grid, utilising the Neue Haas Grotesk Bold font to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

    Through this process,
    I identified unique aspects
    and characteristics of these
    letters, which served as
    the basis for developing
    a systematic approach.
    This system can be utilized
    in various ways, such as
    designing new fonts or
    creating different shapes that actively engage and stimulate creativity. The exploration of these letter forms and their subsequent transformation into abstract shapes opened up

    possibilities for novel design expressions.

    This endeavour aimed to
    inspire and encourage
    innovative thinking, ultimately fostering
    creativity through the
    playful interaction with the established shapes system.

    In the later stage, I brought
    the abstract shapes to
    life using MDF material, ensuring precision and durability. Emphasizing playfulness, I carefully designed the shapes
    and grid arrangement, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing game. The tactile experience and visual appeal of the MDF pieces enhanced the overall enjoyment and engagement. Participants
    found satisfaction in
    creating visually pleasing

    compositions and exploring
    new possibilities within the
    system. By incorporating
    play and focusing on design
    details, the game sparked
    creativity and provided a joyful and inspiring experience.

  • The Doomsday Clock is a powerful symbol of the threat of global catastrophe and the urgency of taking action to prevent it. This graphic design project aims to visually showcase the timeline of the clock, using bold typography, striking black and white images, and a striking orange colour palette. The use of orange highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for immediate action, while the black and white images emphasize the stark reality of the threat. The bold typography not only captures attention but also conveys the gravity of the situation, driving home the message that the clock is ticking and time is running out. This design project aims to raise awareness and drive action, through a compelling visual representation of the Doomsday Clock timeline.

  • This project, backed by the Mayor of London’s We Design For The Community Summer School programme, was created for the Church of ‘St Michael And All Angels’ with a vision to revitalise their identity. Their goal was to create a modern logo and website that would perfectly complement the vibrant and dynamic vibe of Hackney. By preserving the church’s timeless traditions, they sought to forge stronger connections with the community. The outcome was a captivating logo and a user-friendly website, thoughtfully blending modern aesthetics with the essence of Hackney’s spirit.

    The design of the logomark drew inspiration from the architectural significance of the historical church building. 
    It seeks to reinforce the notion of the church as the enduring focal point of the community, a role it has upheld steadfastly throughout its existence.

  • A formal guidebook has been developed with the intention of being disseminated to students, encompassing a diverse range of advice tailored to assist them in the process of seeking help and guiding them towards making well-informed decisions during their academic time.

  • A formal guidebook has been developed with the intention of being disseminated to students, encompassing a diverse range of advice tailored to assist them in the process of seeking help and guiding them towards making well-informed decisions during their academic time.

  • Liberation at GSU stands as one among a multitude of organisations within the Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU), entrusted with the essential responsibility of advocating for the rights and concerns of marginalized communities and various interest groups. Crafting a fresh logo for this particular entity posed a unique challenge: it required the creation of a design that harmoniously aligned with the overarching GSU brand while encapsulating the spirit and purpose of Liberation at GSU.

  • The branding for Freshers is the result of a joint effort between myself and another designer affiliated with the Greenwich Students’ Union. During the initial stage, we both contributed by generating several logo concepts, and from that point onward, the creative process took shape. Ultimately, the chosen logo for this branding initiative was crafted by Hannad Dennis, a designer representing GSU at the Medway Campus. The concept behind this branding revolves around the incorporation of sharp angles and pronounced shadows, lending a dynamic and energetic vibe that resonates with the vibrant spirit
    of Greenwich.

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