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Teodor Cristian Matei


As a junior graphic designer, I am passionate about the power of design to communicate ideas, shape brands, and evoke emotion. My focus is on communication, branding, and typography, and I love exploring new ways to use these elements to create visual stories that resonate with audiences. I am an open-minded and energetic team player, always eager to collaborate with others and learn from their perspectives. I believe that great design is not just about aesthetics, but about understanding the needs and desires of the people we are designing for.

Work Experience

Attended @ We Design For The Community – 2023
Part-time Student Designer @ Greenwich Students’ Union – September 2022 - present
Document Designer @ University of Greenwich – 2022
Document Designer @ University of Greenwich for Social Work England – 2021

Experience within the University

Co-Chief editor – Year group project
Co-Manager – 2nd Year Exhibition show
Poster Designer – Design Roast Series – School of Design


Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D
Rhinoceros 3D
Microsoft 365
Google Docs


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